Aspen Business Connect Members

Aspen Business Connect Members

Promoting Your Content on Social Media

Today’s consumers are looking for authentic endorsements. When the bond is real between brand and influencer, audiences feel it, believe it, and buy into it. You now have the ability to align your business with an Influencer and have your content shared on our media platforms on Aspen Real Life and Aspen Business Connect. All you have to do is become a member and upload your content, then watch as we work our magic and drive traffic to your websites.

Aspen Business Connect Members

For all of you who have already joined our network as a member, a huge welcome and congratulations to you for being such a smart entrepreneur to understand the value of our Aspen Business Connect network straight from the get-go. We are so elated to have you as an Aspen Business Connect Member.

For those of you are just finding us, welcome to our valley’s very own business referral network, Aspen Business Connect, that connects professionals both to each other and to our Aspen Real Life consumers.

Whether you are a business wanting your content shared to a larger targeted audience, or an individual interested in building relationships and supporting other businesses, Aspen Business Connect is here to help cultivate the perfect space for you to learn from others and grow as a professional. Become a network member to get better connected.  

Special Intro Rate to Help Small Businesses


This special rate is meant for small businesses who want to get their feet wet and be part of the network. This is a six-month commitment. No refunds. All content published to our platforms is generated by you, the member.

Basic Business Membership $100/mth.

This rate gives you access to three sites: Blog, Aspen Business Connect, Aspen Marketplace. You choose the months you want to pay for marketing. All content published to our platforms is generated by you, the member.

  • One Monthly Blog Post (Read Member Submission Guidelines).
  • We will take information from your monthly blog post and publish to our Facebook Pages: Aspen Real Life & Aspen Business Connect
  • Inclusion in One Monthly Newsletter (4K + Subscribers)
  • We will repost content you create on your social media if you tag us and it fits into our authentic style. (up to 4 posts a month and one story to Instagram)



  • Upon registration, you will receive a welcome email with your username and temporary password that will grant you access to the backend of all three sites:


  • Log in to with that password and create your business profile. You have now become a member of our Roaring Fork Valley’s private online professional network. Dive in.
    • Go to Members in the left sidebar, and familiarize and introduce yourself to the other members (please be patient as we bring in new members).
    • Join any Group that fits your niche. If there is not a group created email: Subject Line: “SUGGESTION: CREATE ABC NEW GROUP”.
  • Next, login to your Http:// user account.
    • Create your monthly feature
    • Add an image
    • Select only one category, must not be “home page” or “editor’s pick”.
    • Submit Blog Post and email Subject Line: “MEMBER BLOG POST SUBMITTED”. Our editors will edit, optimize, and begin marketing your content.
Author: Jillian

Jillian Livingston, influencer, connector, mom of three teen boys, and the Founder of Aspen Real Life and Aspen Business Connect, is an adventure seeker and freelance travel writer and has contributed to luxury travel sites such as; Inspirato, Quintess, Bespoke Concierge Magazine and Destinations Travel Magazine. She was also the Roaring Fork Examiner. With a mission to experience adventures for both she and her three boys, and to connect us all closer together, Jillian and contributing writers share daily encounters and experiences found in the bars, trails and chair lifts of Aspen and the surrounding Roaring Fork Valley. Follow Jillian's blog at, @aspenreallife on social media, and to get more up close and personal with Jillian, follow her inspirational life travel stories at @jilliansreaallife on instagram.

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