Businesses Offering Excellent Customer Service

Businesses Offering Excellent Customer Service

During Covid-19 it seems that those passionate about their work are emerging, offering incredible customer service. They stand out because customer service for the most part feels as though it is a thing of the past. The norm is to be forever enduring an automated directory that takes one on a lifeless and often circulatory route before ever hearing a live voice.

Experiencing good customer service makes one realize that there are people out there who have cleverly figured out how to make a living off of that which they are passionate about and making their work truly about providing the ultimate customer experience.

Below are three companies that offer excellent customer service.

Consult Your Community

Consult Your Community is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit that inspires communities into action by mobilizing college students to leverage their education, digital fluency, mentorship networks, and knowledge as customers to empower small business owners and drive change in their communities.

Aspen Real Life is a lucky recipient of their work, and this is why you see a brand new website design and two other revenue streams. Consult Your Community hired a team to run a deep dive into the business and come up with strategies and solutions to help me to reach my goal of supporting small businesses by introducing them to our audience.

Thank you so much for the amazing experience working with you this summer through Consult Your Community! Besides having an amazing brand, your passion and enthusiasm for life has certainly made you one of my all-time favorite clients, and it has truly been an honor and a pleasure working with you on your awesome website

In fact, the more I was able to get to know you over the course of our engagement, the more I wanted to know. I’ve been truly inspired by your story and have grown immense respect for you as—for lack of better terms—an artist. You exude creativity and fearlessness to bring your passion to the next level and even grow your own business around it. It appears to me that you are locked in on a mission to live every second of every day you have on this earth and to explore every hidden corner of this beautiful place we call home. Or at least that’s what I see. The point, I guess, is that as a college student who has already spent countless hours drowning in an endless stream of work, your willingness to dive head-first into life’s big adventure has served as a much-needed reminder for me to make sure that I enjoy the wonders that lie just beyond my office. After all, they say that when your avocation becomes your vocation, you will never work another day in your life.

Jacy Watson, business major & aspen real life intern
Jacy Watson, Business Major & CYC/ARL Intern

Digital Brainfood

Finding a web developer who not only fully understands your vision, but shows you things you can do that you only dreamed of being able to achieve. Ryan Ely, is that developer and the Owner of Digital Brainfood, a web design company that can provide you with a website that is fast, SEO friendly, and mobile responsive, with web designers who excel at providing clients with websites that are a cut above the competition. It doesn’t matter what type of website you need, Digital Brainfood will make sure it’s fast, awesome, and everything you think a website should be.

Now here is when the love story begins. In the last two months of support from Consult Your Community, they found me Digital Brainfood on Upwork. I wanted to go locally but CYC and I were a team and this is who they recommended, and I fell in love within the first two minutes of meeting Ryan on the phone. I had found the person who was going to recognize my dreams and execute them for me. I had no idea that a person existed at a price we could afford.

Knowing that they had found me a treasure, I took notes of his customer service. Ryan lives in Ohio with his wife, their four teenagers, their Pug, Oliver, and their cats; Gizmo, Little Dude, and Smog, oh … and Rosa, their sweet piggie. Ryan is an honest and caring developer with a hard-working ethic, he’s also a genius, and a natural at his work, and he gives his all, working all night long at times to get the job done.

I’ve been doing web development since I was twelve. I love what I do, and I enjoy helping clients to realize their dreams.

Ryan Ely, web developer

With a mission to help our small businesses struggling over Covid-19, Ryan and I worked together around the clock, he and I, and boy did he deliver, working fast and furiously, often through the night, to create what I needed.

Nobody who has a website that generates their bottom line should manage their site without a good developer. Nobody.

Statefarm Insurance Basalt Customer Service

Dealing with Insurance can be a nightmare experience, and many often choose to stay with who they are already with just to avoid that nightmare. Speaking with too many insurance agents, I found myself on a phone call with StateFarm Insurance Account Rep, Estevan Palma. Estevan walked me through the transition process every step of the way, going the extra mile to ensure I was well taken care of. As we connected, I took notes in preparation of this article. Estevan’s words matched his work, showing his strong work ethic, “I want to give you my all and do as much as I possibly can to help you so that the transition for you is smooth. This is how I am for all my clients. I want my clients to feel accepted, and helped, and that they are in the hands of people who really care.”

Estevan has proven his integrity, answering all my calls as soon as he can and finding ways to hurdle the obstacles. In Estevan’s own words, “This is how business grows. I want to keep my clients relationships forever. Everything I can do for them, I will.”

Author: Jillian

Jillian Livingston, influencer, connector, mom of three teen boys, and the Founder of Aspen Real Life and Aspen Business Connect, is an adventure seeker and freelance travel writer and has contributed to luxury travel sites such as; Inspirato, Quintess, Bespoke Concierge Magazine and Destinations Travel Magazine. She was also the Roaring Fork Examiner. With a mission to experience adventures for both she and her three boys, and to connect us all closer together, Jillian and contributing writers share daily encounters and experiences found in the bars, trails and chair lifts of Aspen and the surrounding Roaring Fork Valley. Follow Jillian's blog at, @aspenreallife on social media, and to get more up close and personal with Jillian, follow her inspirational life travel stories at @jilliansreaallife on instagram.

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